TULE-tietokeskus is an information centre that promotes musculoskeletal health and wellbeing in collaboration with its partner  associations Turun Seudun Selkäyhdistys ry, Turun Seudun Reumayhdistys ry, Turun Seudun Luustoyhdistys ry and Turun Seudun Nivelyhdistys ry.

The operations of TULE-tietokeskus are funded by the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA).

The activities of TULE-tietokeskus complement public and private health services.


The aim of the activities is to increase awareness of musculoskeletal health and wellbeing among working-age adults and the elderly, to provide support for self-care and to help adopt attitudes and practices that support musculoskeletal health.


Individual customers

The TULE-tietokeskus staff provide advice about musculoskeletal issues. You can come to the centre without an appointment or a doctor's referral. All information and guidance is free of charge.

Everything starts with your needs: what concerns you and what you need help with. We will help you find the right solutions to improve your musculoskeletal health. We will help you with any changes necessary by assessing how prepared you are for the changes and what kind of support you need.


The information centre also welcomes groups. The content of the visit will be tailored to meet the needs of the group. The visit may include a presentation of the information centre’s activities, a brief introduction to musculoskeletal health or health measurements.

Theme days

The information centre organises various theme days every week dealing with musculoskeletal health through theory and practice. The content of the theme days is tailored to the wishes and needs of the customers. The aim of the theme days is to provide more in-depth information and, at the same time, encourage discussion on the subject.

Read more about the information centre’s theme days.


The information centre’s workshops are a combination of theory and practice. The two-hour workshops provide an overview of musculoskeletal health. Anyone interested in the subject can participate in the workshops.

Read more about the workshops.

Activities outside the information centre

The employees of TULE-tietokeskus can also be booked for various events, for example, by an association, or to visit workplaces, educational institutions or other communities. We also organise lectures, pop-up exhibits and workshops outside the information centre. The content is always designed in cooperation with the customer.

Lecture topics can be found here.


Each of us can influence our musculoskeletal health through our own choices and lifestyle. Not all musculoskeletal disorders can be prevented, but taking care of the musculoskeletal system can improve your overall health and functional abilities.

Almost every one of us suffers from musculoskeletal ailments at some point in our lives: each month every third Finnish adult has aches and pains. Over one million Finns suffer from a chronic musculoskeletal disorder. Musculoskeletal disorders among young people in Finland are also more common than expected. Good musculoskeletal health is also a prerequisite for the functioning and health of the other organs in the system.

Musculoskeletal disorders make daily life difficult, which is why we should take good care of our bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. For example, physical inactivity, physical workload factors, smoking, obesity, nutritional deficiencies, injuries, and poor muscular fitness and balance are all risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders.

TULE-tietokeskus will help you take care of your musculoskeletal health.